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I remember when my husband and I attended our marriage preparation classes when we were getting ready for the sacrament of holy matrimony through the Catholic church. We were told that we needed to put God a head of everything else in our lives, even ahead of each other. before we could really love ourselves and each other we needed to love the Lord first. He showed supreme love by giving us His only son, who died on the cross to save all of us. The Bible teaches Christ followers how to love one another, but these passages are often misunderstood.

If Christ is not the center of your marriage, you will never learn how to love your spouse completely. Pastor, counselor, and highly effective communicator, Dave Willis discusses in detail the seven laws of love found throughout Scripture and provides guidance on how to live out those words in purchase to have better relationships with your spouse, family, friends, neighbors and enemies in his new book, “The seven laws of Love: essential Principles for building stronger Relationships.”

Marriage is a life long commitment which requires a lot of effort from both spouses. My husband and I have read a lot of marriage books, but none of them explained how to love like Christ in a down-to-earth relatable way, like Dave Willis has in “The seven laws of Love: essential Principles for building stronger Relationships.” Each chapter begins with a Bible quote and ends with discussion questions. This book will help you build a stronger marriage, and have healthier relationships.

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“The supreme test of love comes when a person is asked to give up all they value for the sake of another,” Willis writes. “Jesus taught that there is no greater love than to willingly lay down your own life for the sake of others. We don’t make our sacrifices for recognition; we make our sacrifices for love. When love moves you to sacrifice, you can rest assured that lives will be changed and eternity will be impacted.”

Willis discusses that we can change the world when we are prepared to do small things with love. Miracles and opportunities happen around us every day and it is up to us to loosen the reigns of preoccupation for the instances to show the love of God. He also says that the Bible is our roadmap to learn how to love, so we should know it well.

This book taught me that I need to spend much more time reading the Bible with my husband and talk about how we can love one another more like Christ. “The seven laws of Love: essential Principles for building stronger Relationships,” is available at or anywhere books are sold.

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Dave Willis is a pastor and the founder of his site which has a total weekly reach in the millions. He speaks regularly at conferences and churches across the country, as well as on podcasts and webinars, on issues ranging from leadership to social media techniques to marriage. Willis, his wife, and their four sons live in Evans, Georgia.

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One lucky healthy mothers magazine reader can win a copy of, “The seven laws of Love: essential Principles for building stronger Relationships.”  All you need to do is like Dave Willis on Facebook, follow Dave Willis on Twitter, like Allen Media techniques on Facebook, follow Allen Media techniques on Twitter, and leave us a comment with your e-mail address at the bottom of this article. This contest is open worldwide to anybody 18+ and ends on March 9, 2016 at 10 am CST. A winner will be chosen from out of the comments received. No purchase necessary.  The winner will be notified through e-mail or social media instant message at the end of the contest.

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*Videregivelse: Jeg modtog en kopi af “de syv love om kærlighed: væsentlige principper for at opbygge stærkere forhold” af Dave Willis i bytte for denne gennemgang. Alle udtalelser er nøjagtige og 100% mine.

Link til dette indlæg: The Syv kærlighedslov – væsentlige principper for at opbygge stærkere forhold #Giveaway
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