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A soulful sanitarium examines the conditions of our mind and body. medical technology can’t compare with what is found by our own introspective self-healing. close the eyes and freely use an imaginary scan to figure out your well-being. Machines image ideal through us, taking pictures of our life. These recordings are single frame moments of where we are mentally and physically. This is our past and everyone faces this fact. The “natural state” is a “turning” point, which comes from the self-scanning truths of our meaningless bad habits. put energy and nutrients into consuming a meaningful good habit. These healthful additions benefit us and are the best innermost investments God and Nature offer.

A “turning” is a mythical experience; only the vernacular times are different. In the 1942 motion picture Casablanca, Victor Laszlo elaborates, “Each of us has a destiny, for good or for evil.” To live is good, which is “natural life” on Earth. This is an environmental theory to a philosophical statement for a genetic and evolutionary biology. Manufacture our contemporary world and support the side effects, until faced with a “point of no return.” These “turning around” moments are identical throughout our life; only the names are changed to secure our innocence.

The “natural state” is good and the “artificial” is evil. This is a legendary story about a paradise with an man-made fall; the “outer” life opposed to the “inner” life. once the harmony is understood, juxtapose our psychological scanning of an man-made life, manifested in our unnatural bodies, to our Earth’s self-healing journey. giving complete assessments everyday, the “natural state” is the utmost goal. This permanent game is the wonders of our changing seasons. The “artificial state” changes too, differs only in leaving lots of non-composting garbage in our bodies, around the planet and in our solar system. This causes a lot of anxiety and disease for evolving humanity.

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The “natural state” is good

Can you think of any wild animal being in a state other than its “natural state? The wildness lifestyle is our planet’s life. The “natural state” of any body is cooperation. Every cell lives for every other cell’s happiness, a humane microcosmic government; every member is equal to the other members of the whole. brain cells act like liver cells, sharing DNA information. Each cell is a purpose and a function in our micro-nation of tissues; united together, we work for our mind’s and the body’s livelihood. Our designer policies the “natural state” and our egos dictate this man-made madness. The “natural state” is progressed intelligence, which loves to create continuously. The pre-homo sapiens before us lived a “natural state.” earth lives in a state of Nature. Why change, accept this eternal way of health?

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